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Total war warhammer 2 doomstack

Home Games News Cosplay. The Vortex Campaign unleashes a number of stressful surprises on a first-time player, from enemy doomstacks spawning in your own territory to short windows of time to act. I have created this guide to give the wise the knowledge they need to understand and prepare for these surprises and thereby avoid the frustration of having to reload a previous save from many turns prior, or perish the thought, having to restart a whole campaign.

Guide to Eye of the Vortex Campaign Reason for Guide I have seen a large number of Reddit and other forum posters say they hate the Vortex campaign; or they simply never play it because there is Mortal Empires.

Others post about how they were not ready for the final victory condition event and lost or had to load a far previous save file to prepare better. That happened in my first Vortex campaign with Kroq-Gar, I realized I was not ready I didn't have Kroq-Gar ready with a doomstack and had to reload a save to better prepare.

There is also the unpleasant stress of seeing 6 enemy army doomstacks spawn in your own territory that nothing prepares you for.

At least with the Chaos Invasion in Warhammer 1 and Mortal Empires, Chaos spawns in a specific area and then moves toward your territory, like the Huns in Attila. Obviously if you do not know how the campaign works it would be prudent to play a Normal to Very Hard NOT Legendary difficulty campaign and save every turn so you can learn the campaign and reload previous saves if you realize you screwed up. But why must thousands of players suffer such thousands of hours of wasted time due to reloading even just a 5 turn previous save file, when those with experience have the knowledge to prevent that.

I regret not making this guide sooner, but I shall rectify that now. Enjoy this guide on how to prepare for the Vortex rituals and the Final Battle. Note that some Races and Factions do not participate in the Race for the Vortex even when playing on the Vortex map. If you complete the Final Ritual, you will have Five 5 turns to start the Final Battle, where you will be the Defender.

Quick Very Important Note! You need to be ready with your Faction Leader the Legendary Lord you started the campaign with and a Top Tier army ready to go or at least able to be recruited immediately you do not want your leader in a wounded statebecause if you are not ready and do not fight the battle within the limit, then you have to repeat the Final Ritual, which takes 20 turns and spawns multiple doomstacks TWICE during those 20 turns!!!

The Final Battle consists of each of the other 3 ritual race factions' primary Legendary Lords Tyrion, Malekith, Mazdamundi, I think Queek for the Skaven but not certain attacking you in waves to try and stop you from winning thankfully they don't all attack you at once, the next army enters the battle as soon as you defeat the previous enemy.

Then I think one final enemy force I think Skaven makes a final assault to stop you. If you win, you win the game, if you lose, you lose the game. Important - The AI can finish the final ritual before you. If they do, this will also prompt the Final Battle with 5 turns to fight it, where you will be the attacker and must attack and win. If you win, then the faction who started the ritual is out of the competition; but you have not won the game yet, you still must continue on with your rituals so that you can do the Final Battle as the Defender.

Even if you kill Malekith, Mazdamundi and Tyrion's factions before you start the Final Battle, they will still be present leading their armies in the battle. Only once you have completely destroyed a race do you not have to worry about that race finishing the ritual before you. Key Point - During the final battle you get a couple of very powerful spells that have unlimited uses. One is a damage spell that is a powerful explosion you can drop anywhere, and the other is a healing explosion that heals your units.

So you can be nuking the enemy as they enter the map, while if your Star Dragons take some damage, you can heal them back up to full health with the heal bomb. So really, as long as you did not bring crap tier 1 units to this fight, the battle should be easy to win.

total war warhammer 2 doomstack

The Challenge Every time you start a ritual, a number of AI armies spawn in or very near your territory that will beeline for a ritual city to try and Raze it in order to stop your ritual.

If a ritual city is destroyed at the start of the ritual and you destroy the AI doomstacks and re-colonize the city, it is annoying but the ritual should still complete and you can continue on. Really sucks though when the AI sneaks up on a ritual city and destroys it just before the timer is up.Royal Hippogryph Knights is a Bretonnia flying monstrous cavalry unit.

A hippogryph is no easy prize, but its power in battle makes the effort to tame one worth it. Taming a hippogryph presents a challenge that many Bretonnian Lords cannot turn down, and this has made them into much sought after steeds.

To successfully do so, the animal must be captured and broken at a very young age but, given the relentless territorialism of adult hippogryphs, acquiring a chick or an egg can prove a dangerous proposition indeed.

Occasionally, the task of appropriating such a beast is given to a Knight Errant as a way of proving himself. More often, a Duke will find suitable 'volunteers' from among the peasantry, promising a huge reward to any survivors that return with a healthy, young hippogryph. Click here to add a strategy!

Compared to the other flying cavalry options of Bretonnia, these are their most expensive versions. They lose models, going from 18 to 6. They gain a slight boost in melee stats, making them the best melee fighters just looking at the stats.

They lose a shield, but gain the ability to cause terror and fear which is very useful on low leadership factions. Finally, they also lack a bonus vs. These units are a bit more of a generalist compared to the ability of the Pegasus Knights to hunt down large units. Fear and terror make the hippogryphs more suited for dispersing groups of infantry and then flying out before they get caught.

They also synergize best with the Lore of Life as they have fewer models when a model dies it can't receive healing, but these ones have higher health per model, meaning they are more likely to benefit from healing. One could also use lore of heavens to debuff enemy flying units, but it is unlikely these units will need the help. Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch.

Royal Hippogryph Knights. Bretonnian units.Please register for Total War Access to use the forums. If you're an existing user, your forum details will be merged with Total War Access if you register with the same email or username. I'm curious Stick them in melee mode and they can still go smashing through enemy lines, while also spraying poison projectiles around them and not going into a rampage.

Karl Franz experiments with various doomstacks campaign

I tried both and was extremely underwhelmed Khazrak Bray shaman with spawn cygor 2 gorebull 6 Minotaurs with shields 9 Minotaurs great weapons 1 cygor Easy mode in campaign. I mean Worst I had was a close victory, where the enemy had like 30 kills and I stil had or something ludricrous like that. Discussions Activity Best Of Sign In. Welcome Please register for Total War Access to use the forums. Sign In Register. August edited August in General Discussion. Not a big poster -- more of a reader, usually -- but I couldn't resist inquiring with the masses about what I consider to be a pretty fascinating topic: single-player doomstacks.

Obviously, MP army composition is a whole other story, but when it comes to cookie-cutter forces of conquest, I'm sure we all have our opinions.

total war warhammer 2 doomstack

To preface, I'll say that these are all late-game army compositions with little regard for funds. Once my expansion starts rolling and income is pouring in, I'm not the type to sacrifice on quality.

I understand those who prefer to outnumber with lower quality troops, but that's just not my playstyle. I usually try and balance the pair with one melee specialist and one mage, but that varies race-to-race.

Notes: Optimally, any forces that actually reach the Phoenix Guard don't last long enough to even take out a single soldier. All about the powerful ranged units on this config, just that simple. Dark Elves 6 Black Guard of Naggarond - Solid frontline that will hold against virtually any unit for a little while. Biggest drawback is no shield, which means high vulnerability to ranged.

The breath attack is great for annoying ranged units as well. Notes: Unlike the Druchii's more ranged brethren, bad guys almost always reach the main line intact Not only are these artillery pieces mobile, but they're highly accurate, have a solid rate-of-fire and are brilliant at knocking out enemy artillery with little-to-no damage sustained. Great for if any TG take a hit from a spell or if one of my other dinos goes on a rampage.

Skink Priests are brilliant once you get them on a mount and the Carnosaur mount for Saurus can be devastating.

Notes: The most surprising thing about the Lizardmen continues to be their artillery, bar none. The Stegadons are virtually immune to any Skaven popping out of the ground, have top-tier mobility and can really knock out good chunks of enemy infantry. And while I might have a high dino count compared to some, you'll see most enemy forces crumble seconds after they're hit from two charging Carnosaurs, two charging Stegadons and two charging Bastiladons.

The largest issue remains the line-of-sight deal and ensuring that you cut them off before friendly fire comes into play. Toss these mechanized monstrosities at an infantry rear or some annoying ranged units for best results.Please register for Total War Access to use the forums. If you're an existing user, your forum details will be merged with Total War Access if you register with the same email or username.

I prefer Lord deep or vampire depend on captain Captain deep or vampire Gunnery wight Mournghoul hero 4 depth guard Halberds 4 necrofex colosus 2 rotting promethian 2 rotting Leviathan 2 terorgeist 2 deck gunners. Really satisfying! Discussions Activity Best Of Sign In. Welcome Please register for Total War Access to use the forums. Sign In Register.

November in General Discussion.

Royal Hippogryph Knights

Hello everyone, another useless tread by me just for the sake of fun and kinship. There is already to much sourness out there, so why not! There we go, mine is : Explain : Syreens are even more epic with Cylostra.

total war warhammer 2 doomstack

I am really surprised with them. They work wonders and are different from there cousins the wraiths. Where Wraiths are okay against high tier, Syreens do a good job in overall battle.

Cylostra got some really nice skills for these units. I group them together with my paladin on horse, he is acting as the commander of the Syreens. A lot of few entities units, why? Because I like to build my army themed to my lord. Cylostra is a vengeful spirit of the deep, and in my story her haunting songs awaken the creatures of the deep and are drawn to it.

The rotting leviathan accompanies Cylostra in a group, together with the rotting Prometheans. These form the front line. No one ever get them down, EVER. Mournguls for stalking and get behind the enemy lines and artillery if needed.

They will support from the rear the moment Cylostra her team has pinnend the enemy infantry down. Luckily I have Cylostra's Bretonnian Knights summon for a quick deliverance of enemy artillery.

Necrofex Colossus. I don;t think I need to explain why these guys. I replaced my artillery with them. For Cylostra I give her the Knights of the Realm instead of questing knights.

I thought it was very useful to have some anti large unit with me. Overall, its more for theme, but it does a hell of a job. Remember, we are here for fun, not to bring each other low!

November Some units will be replaced still with there RoR variant naturally! SentientPulse Registered Users Posts: SentientPulse said:. DarkLordD said:. Boombastek91 Registered Users Posts: Boombastek91 said:.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. I normally use a mix of units in a stack, but I finished a VC recently as Nocty boi, and using 18 Necrofex Colossi was super fun, it was totally unstoppable.

Showing 1 - 15 of 99 comments. Zane87 View Profile View Posts. Don't forget your local Necrotect. All supported by an engineer, a priest and your Warpolock Master on a Doomflayer lesser chance to get hit by own. Not technically a Doomstack, but it fits the "doom" part very well. Last edited by Zane87 ; 6 Oct, am. Angarvin View Profile View Posts. That tomb kings one sounds fun, but would take a long time to get Ranged Skaven are pretty op too, hate going against them :P That high elf army is similar to what my stacks were on my very first playyhrough, just with more archers and less dragons, SoA just melt anything and everything.

Last edited by andywarholscorpse ; 6 Oct, am. Powercow View Profile View Posts. Most I ever got was like, 10 Skink Chiefs I think. It's preeeeeetty dumb. Originally posted by "Get yer knee out of yer dinner" :.

Total War: Warhammer II - Ultimate Vortex Campaign Guide

Originally posted by Powercow :. Lampros View Profile View Posts. I never see doomstacks because I use the Table Top Caps mod - which is how the tabletop Warhammer was intended to be played. Jase shoelace View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Lampros :. Isabella with an army of vampire heroes. Isabella's army is the killing power because when you can drop 2 overcast Wind of Death spells, it deletes almost everything the army isn't already killing with brute strength. Originally posted by andywarholscorpse :.

Last edited by funkmonster7 ; 6 Oct, am.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Sunbro View Profile View Posts.

Tried legendary with the empire and having loads of lords hurts my economy so i was wondering what is the best doomstack. Showing 1 - 15 of 16 comments. The Empire doesn't have one. It's a combined arms faction that relies on the synergy of different types of units.

Karl, life mage, and 18 demigryphs But generally speaking fgalkin is pretty correct. Last edited by BigRockWall ; 17 Jan pm. Inardesco View Profile View Posts. Hellblasters and more hellblasters against infantry stacks Handgunners against rest Beats everything except mammoth doomstack cuz of mammoth hp. It's worth it.

If you're specced for it. Originally posted by Sunbro :. Too bad there's only one hell-blaster war wagon. That thing is my new waifu. Happy View Profile View Posts. The mighty Reikland panzer division of course. They don't have a unit that's good against most types of enemies. Against Skaven for example with them frequently ambushing and doing most damage with their missile infantry and artillery I use 1 lord, 1 mage choose whatever type suits you best2 hellblasters and 2 steam tanks for the sieges and the rest demigryph knights with halberds.

Originally posted by Happy :. Steam Tanks and Life Wizard. Originally posted by SamtheCossack :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 17 Jan am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Hope you enjoy it.

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