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Python motion capture

I have always wanted a software based on the webcam that can detect movement and record in a video file only something is moving. It is now done. As said before the program analyse the images taken from the webcam and intent to detect movement. If a movement is detected the program start recording the webcam in a video file fo 10 seconds. After that if a movement is again detected it still record until movements stops.

This project is hosted on my Github. I have implement two different algorithms to detect movement the first is the most trivial in his way to behave.

The trivial idea is to compute the difference between two frames apply a threshold the separate pixels that have changed from the others and then count all the black pixels. Then the average is calculated with this count and the total number of pixels and depending of the ceil the event is triggered or not.

I call it the smart way, because his way to operate is less trivial than the previous one, but the results are identical if not more accurate in the previous method.

I inspired myself of the Motion-tracker by Matt Williamson for the operations and filters to apply on the image but all the rest is different. The idea in this method is to find the contours of the moving objects and calculate the area of all of them. Then the average of the surface changing is compared with the total surface of the image and the alarm is triggered if it exceed the given threshold.

Note the code shown below does not implement the recording system as it is the case on the previous example, but it can be made easily. Introduction and goal I have always wanted a software based on the webcam that can detect movement and record in a video file only something is moving. The trivial way I have implement two different algorithms to detect movement the first is the most trivial in his way to behave. CaptureFromCAM 0 self.

QueryFrame self. CreateMat self. CvtColor self. NamedWindow "Image" cv. CreateTrackbar "Mytrack""Image"self. CreateVideoWriter datetime. GetSize self. InitFont cv. PutText curframedatetime. WriteFrame self.

python motion capture

ShowImage "Image"curframe cv. ShowImage "Res"self. Copy self. CvtColor frameself. AbsDiff self. Smooth self. MorphologyEx self. Threshold self.But I muttered them to myself in an exasperated sigh of disgust as I closed the door to my refrigerator.

My brain was fried, practically leaking out my ears like half cooked scrambled eggs. But I had a feeling he was the culprit. He is my only ex- friend who drinks IPAs. But I take my beer seriously.

This is the first post in a two part series on building a motion detection and tracking system for home surveillance. The remainder of this article will detail how to build a basic motion detection and tracking system for home surveillance using computer vision techniques. Background subtraction is critical in many computer vision applications.

We use it to count the number of cars passing through a toll booth. We use it to count the number of people walking in and out of a store. Some are very simple. And others are very complicated. The two primary methods are forms of Gaussian Mixture Model-based foreground and background segmentation:. And in newer versions of OpenCV we have Bayesian probability based foreground and background segmentation, implemented from Godbehere et al.

We can find this implementation in the cv2. So why is this so important? Therefore, if we can model the background, we monitor it for substantial changes. Now obviously in the real-world this assumption can easily fail.

python motion capture

Due to shadowing, reflections, lighting conditions, and any other possible change in the environment, our background can look quite different in various frames of a video.

And if the background appears to be different, it can throw our algorithms off. The methods I mentioned above, while very powerful, are also computationally expensive.

Alright, are you ready to help me develop a home surveillance system to catch that beer stealing jackass? Lines import our necessary packages. If you do not already have imutils installed on your system, you can install it via pip: pip install imutils.

It simply defines a path to a pre-recorded video file that we can detect motion in. Obviously we are making a pretty big assumption here. A call to vs. If there is indeed activity in the room, we can update this string.

Now we can start processing our frame and preparing it for motion analysis Lines This helps smooth out high frequency noise that could throw our motion detection algorithm off. As I mentioned above, we need to model the background of our image somehow. The above frame satisfies the assumption that the first frame of the video is simply the static background — no motion is taking place. Computing the difference between two frames is a simple subtraction, where we take the absolute value of their corresponding pixel intensity differences Line 52 :.

This implies that larger frame deltas indicate that motion is taking place in the image. If the delta is less than 25we discard the pixel and set it to black i. An example of our thresholded delta image can be seen below:. Again, note that the background of the image is black, whereas the foreground and where the motion is taking place is white. The remainder of this example simply wraps everything up.

It looks down on the kitchen and living room, detecting motion as people move and walk around. Open up a terminal and execute the following command:.Motion capture MoCap files contain XYZ coordinate data that can be used for a variety of purposes in computer graphics. Such files have the following format. Each marker is specified three times, once for each of ite x, y and z values.

OpenCV Python Tutorial For Beginners 24 - Motion Detection and Tracking Using Opencv Contours

For example. If there are 40 markers there will be xyz coordinates listed on each line of a TXT file. The tags named 'Field' and 'Time' are not the names of markers and, therefore, for the purpose of reading a mocap data file their values can be ignored.

There might be several thousands of lines of coordinates in a mocap file. The process of reading and storing mocap data is as follows.

Listing 1 provides the code for the mocap classes. The class named MoCapMarker maintains a list named 'data' and provides a few methods for setting and getting xyz values stored in the list. It also has a few methods for getting lists of xyz values from its database.

Execute the python script and you will see a list of xyz values for the third marker index 2 from frame 1 to frame 10 in 1 frame steps. Introduction Motion capture MoCap files contain XYZ coordinate data that can be used for a variety of purposes in computer graphics.

Open and read all the lines of text from a mocap file into a python list. Remove the first item in the list and extract the names of the markers. For each name get an instance of the MoCapMarker class.

Instances of the MoCapMarker class append the xyz data to their own 'data' list. The MoCap Classes Listing 1 provides the code for the mocap classes.A minimal solution to hand motion capture from a single color camera at over fps. Easy to use, plug to run.

WebCam Motion Detector in Python

A library for machine learning research on motion capture data. Eyebeam 1 of 13 Developed with FakeGreenDress. Record, stream, and export Kinect mocap data to After Effects puppet pins.

Record directly from the Kinect or over OSC. Compiling or running from source requires SimpleOpenNI. Python implementation of the real-time protocol for Qualisys Track Manager. In order for the estimation of the joint positions to work, we nee rigid bodies that are made up of markers in jointMap: estimators. The calculations later need access to the markers that belong to a rigid body. The current method of aligning cameras depends on using the built-in Blender camera solver and subsequently aligning the solve based on identical tracks.

This means that even if the second camera is intended to be static, there needs to be initial non-nodal hand-held movement to provide perspective parallax for the solve. A simple python script that can record data from Pupil Labs and OptiTrack.

The data is saved to a json file.

Motion Detection With OpenCV

Resources for integrating Bitcraze Crazyflie projects with Qualisys motion capture systems. A clumnsy version of software aimed at evaluating the performance of a motion, supported by Myo armband. Matlab toolbox for extracting whiskers data from freely moving videos with "motion capture" type trackers on the head of rodents. PLoS Comput Biol 8 7 :e This repository deals with analyzing various Neural Network approaches and finding the one with the most accurate reconstruction of motion captured trajectories recorded with missing markers in softwares like Vicon Nexus.

A home surveillance system that will record video only when there is some kind of motion happens. This will help us to save the storage. Tinkerings with joint localization from optical marker motion capture system. Add a description, image, and links to the motion-capture topic page so that developers can more easily learn about it.

Curate this topic. To associate your repository with the motion-capture topic, visit your repo's landing page and select "manage topics. Learn more. Skip to content. Here are 28 public repositories matching this topic Language: Python Filter by language.

Sort options. Star Often, we have to capture live stream with camera. OpenCV provides a very simple interface to this. Just a simple task to get started. To capture a video, you need to create a VideoCapture object. Its argument can be either the device index or the name of a video file. Device index is just the number to specify which camera.

Normally one camera will be connected as in my case. So I simply pass 0 or You can select the second camera by passing 1 and so on. After that, you can capture frame-by-frame. If frame is read correctly, it will be True. So you can check end of the video by checking this return value. Sometimes, cap may not have initialized the capture.

In that case, this code shows error. You can check whether it is initialized or not by the method cap. If it is True, OK. Otherwise open it using cap. You can also access some of the features of this video using cap. Each number denotes a property of the video if it is applicable to that video and full details can be seen here: Property Identifier.

Some of these values can be modified using cap. Value is the new value you want. For example, I can check the frame width and height by cap. It gives me x by default. But I want to modify it to x If you are getting error, make sure camera is working fine using any other camera application like Cheese in Linux. It is same as capturing from Camera, just change camera index with video file name.This python program will allow you to detect motion and also store the time interval of the motion.

Main Logic : Videos can be treated as stack of pictures called frames. Here i am comparing different frames pictures to the first frame which should be static No movements initially. We compare two images by comparing the intensity value of each pixels. In python we can do it easily as you can see in following code:. Analysis of all windows After running the code there 4 new window will appear on screen. This file will be in csv extension. In this file the start time of motion and the end time of motion will be recorded.

As you can see in picture:. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using contribute. See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks. Please Improve this article if you find anything incorrect by clicking on the "Improve Article" button below.

Writing code in comment? Please use ide.

python motion capture

How to Think Like a Programmer? Python program to implement. List when any moving object appear. Initializing DataFrame, one column is start. VideoCapture 0. Infinite while loop to treat stack of image as video.

Reading frame image from video. Converting gray scale image to GaussianBlur. GaussianBlur gray, 21210. In first iteration we assign the value. Difference between static background. If change in between static background and.

python motion capture

Finding contour of moving object. Appending status of motion. Appending Start time of motion. Appending End time of motion. Displaying the difference in currentframe to.See more: program takes matrices input javainterface python program reads csv outputs csvcharactor animation using motion capture datemotion capture animation adultanimation motion capture youtube free fishmotion capture animationpython reading comma delimited inputpython scrap program valuespython spinner programpython queens programshort python game programanimation motion capture datapython decryption programpython search programpython injection programanimation software motion capturemotion capture animation maya files.

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