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Pregnant at 48 forum

I am almost 49 with 2 kids and have a very strong desire to have a third child. I still get my period every month and I never had a fertility problem, so I know the chances are slim but I wonder if I could get pregnant.

I am about lbs. I'm worried about birth defects or other health issues for the baby, medical risks to myself, financial stress, and the psychological issues associated with having a child who may lose his or her mother at a young age. Despite these worries, I really want to have a child. Has anyone had a situation having a baby at almost 50?

They are now four and half yrs old : Despite all the health warnings and at times, too much pessimism from others - I had a really good pregnancy. BTW I was never really into fitness or nutrition Too busy working long hours and travelling with my sm g350e custom recovery. Yes, its been tiring and challenging at times but more wonderful and fulfilling than I could have imagined.

I knew in my heart that this was the right choice for me - the drive was overwhelming. Us older mothers may still be in the minority but we offer something very special to our children and families. I am 49, 3 months from turning 50 and over the weekend took a home pregnancy test and saw a big fat plus sign We had our first when I was 43 and she is 6 now I am healthy and of average weight and height and while we would like our daughter to have a sibling, we are proceeding cautiously while being thankful that we have been given the opportunity naturally.

Good wishes to all of you who want to conceive naturally, it can happen! How did your pregnancy go? Did you follow a plant based diet? Any factors you think may have contributed to your success?

I have had 3 healthy children all in my 40s last at You can be a teen mum to a Downs baby or a healthy child can be injured or sick. I have to say, that it is a matter of how we feel about ourselves in this matter. I have just turned 49, I have one daughter I am with a younger man who has no children. We have discussed this option and I am willing to give it one last shot.Enjoying your new role as teacher?!

Hi Cathy. Well I'm the same age as you and I think you can make it. Try to be with your partner on your strongest days. I think I'v just become pregnant. I have reason to believe I had two very early miscarriages this year though, so am keeping my fingers crossed that this time is for real. I went to a homepathis doctor who prescribed me loads of medicine so let's hope it makes a difference.

I have terrible cramps though and bloatiness, back ache, many symptons of an early pregnancy, but I had the same earlier this year. However the homepathis doctor said to be really positive, so I am taking her advice. Please reply Close menu. Am I pregnant? Toddlers years Tween and teens. Baby activities homepage Baby massage Baby sign language Preschool activities Preschool sports Stay and play. Parties homepage Entertainers Face painting Halls for hire Party venues.

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Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy After 40

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pregnant at 48 forum

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Open menu.Guest over a year ago. Yelena over a year ago. Lolatheone over a year ago. Why would you want to have a child at When they're 12 you will be When they're turning 21 you will pretty much be MsDee' over a year ago. I wish you the best of God blessing if that is what you want. I too am I miscarrage two children and I still longs to have a child no one can truly understand what you feel.

Trust God that is what I am doing! Jane over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for?

Pregnant naturally at almost 49

New Reply Follow New Topic. Guest over a year ago Ihave been pregnant before in and Horrible bedside manner. My blood test revealed that I have increased FSH and decreased estrogen. I sincerely want to have a baby.

pregnant at 48 forum

Find a Doctor to that can help you. Don't give up. Guest over a year ago I don't know what that means, but would go see a doctor. I have never had children and Finally found the right man at I am now pregnant at 48, but everyone thinks I'm 32 - 38 as I look really young.

Babies At 50 (Parenting Documentary) - Real Stories

I don't tell them otherwise because too many people are so negative about older moms. If you are healthy and active - go for it! I did! Yelena over a year ago It doesn't matter how young you look :-D That's all about hormon level. Yes, some women can be pregnant at this age,but not easiely.

Yelena over a year ago Me and my ex-husband also made 3 IVF cycles in We made it in Russia, because in U. I already had 2 kids at that time, but my spouse didn't have any biological kids.My husband and I have used no protection for the last 8 years and just thought I'd it happened it happened but it never did so we kinda thought it was too late.

My only other child is We are still in shock at the moment and we have a doctors appointment on tues but does anyone know of anyone conceiving naturally at my age. I just didn't think it was possible and I'm not sure how safe it is. Sorry for rambling. My head all over the place. Comments from original poster 3 Comments from original poster 3 Load more 1 Comment advertisement Comments 18 BabyCentre may earn a commission from shopping links. Obviously meant to be. I don't know anyone who has conceived at nearly You've given me a lot of hope that at a week and half away from 44 all isn't lost.

Good luck and hope you have a healthy 9 months and beyond. A friend of mine also got pregnant naturally at age She had a very healthy pregnancy and she now has a lovely little 2 year old daughter. She has a planned c section on doctors advice, due to her age.

Good luck. I had my first 2 years ago at age I've had a friend of friend have a baby at It's unusual but it definately does happen Take care of yourself, folic acid, cut right down on caffeine etc and FC fingers crossed xxxx.

I still can't quite believe it. Had a doctors appointment today and she said I wasn't unique but it's definitely not a common occurance. Ladies who def understand the ups and downs and I can tell you you're not the oldest, one lovely lady had a baby at 50 last yr xxx. We spent 2 years when I was around 44 actively trying to conceive, checking to see when I was ovulating and making sure we did the deed at the right time but nothing ever happened so I just thought I was too old and it wasn't to be.

How wrong were we. My little boy was 1 yesterday and I'll also be 49 in September. I'm secretly wishing I didn't have a coil as my GP said there was every chance of conceiving again! Congratulations x. I think we were trying to conceive at the same time about 4 or 5 years ago.

I'm almost sure our birthdays are a day or 2 apart as we discussed it before xx. Best of luck xx. This inactive post may not receive community feedback. We recommend you begin a new post. Add a comment This field is required.

This product is displayed based on comments within this post.Women who get pregnant after the age of 40 experience many of the same symptoms as younger women, but they are more apt to mistake the signs for menopause, according to the Option Line website.

Since women over 40 are at special risk of pregnancy complications, it is especially important to determine pregnancy early and to get proper prenatal care, according to the March of Dimes.

Mood swings can indicate a pregnancy, but it may also indicate menopause. Also, once a woman over 40 realizes she is pregnant she may go through varying emotions such as denial, fear and frustration. Frequent urination often occurs in pregnant women over the age of 40, according to the Option Line website.

This usually happens when a woman is about six to eight weeks pregnant, according to the American Pregnancy Association website. Headaches can be associated with pregnancy and mistaken for menopausal symptoms in women who are over 40 years old, according to the Option Line website.

Also, sometimes the areolas of the breasts become darker in color, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Incontinence may occur in women who get pregnant after the age of 40; this inability to hold urine is a symptom of pregnancy that also can instead be mistaken as a sign of the onset of menopause.

A missed period is usually a telltale sign of pregnancy to a younger woman, but it may be overlooked by a woman who is thinking more about potential menopause than pregnancy. Tension and stress not related to pregnancy or menopause can also cause a missed period. Nausea or morning sickness is a pregnancy symptom, but it can also be mistaken for food poisoning, stress or other gastrointestinal problems, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

Backaches are usually one of the first signs of pregnancy in all women, according to the American Pregnancy Association. However, sometimes these are also associated with an imminent period, stress or general back problems.

More information on getting pregnant after Comments comments.Halle BerryGwen Stefaniand Mariah Carey are amongst even more stars who conceived later in life. Merhi told us. Merhi said. Donor eggs are eggs that are donated from another women.

pregnant at 48 forum

Merhi explained. They purchase the egg s and then we would artificially inseminate the egg with the partner sperm. IVF is also commonly used by women who wish to get pregnant.

Merhi said yes. That way, whenever you go to conceive, your chances will be essentially the same as what they would have been when you were the age where you froze your eggs or embryos. And while Dr. Merhi estimates that chances of conceiving without assistance after 40 is 20 percent, Dr. Williams believes the percentage is a whole lot lower. But that number falls quickly, particularly after age The chances for a woman to conceive naturally after age 45 is under 0.

Overall, pregnancy into your 40s is very much possible! My advice is be as aggressive as possible. Women are on a biological clock, and every month counts. Portrait Series Expand Menu. View Gallery View Gallery 13 Photos.

Kathleen Harper. But at 48, many fans have wondered HOW!When Kelly Preston announced to the world about her pregnancy at the age of 47, it created ripples in the media. It prompted television shows to discuss the marvels of science that allowed Preston and her actor husband John Travolta to have a baby so late in life. Not just celebs, several women are delaying their pregnancies for career or personal reasons, causing experts to research on the consequences of late pregnancies.

Some researchers believe that older mothers do not fare as well as the younger ones while some did not find any difference. MomJunction answers this question and a few more! Read on! Though rare, it is possible to get pregnant at 45, without the use of fertility treatments 1. Menopause may be round the corner, but unless you have not had periods for 12 consecutive months, there are chances of pregnancy. Also, no two women are in same terms of health, and can experience menopause a little earlier or later.

However, we can assume that the increasing rate of pregnancy over 45 is due to the fertility procedures 2. Back to top. Getting pregnant at 45 or after is in no way the same as getting pregnant in the 20s. The symptoms would be similar to the ones women face in their younger age of pregnancy.

But in most cases, they are taken to be the signs of menopause. The signs and symptoms could be frequent urination, mood swings, headaches, breast changes, incontinence, fatigue, missed periods, nausea, and backaches. The risks increase considerably with age. If you conceive at the age of 45 and more, you are at a higher risk of certain health conditions, including 5 :. At around 40, the risk of Down syndrome is one inwhich increases to one in 10 by the age of There is also an increased risk of other chromosomal abnormalities, stillbirth, and premature labor 7.

Due to this, many older women who want to get pregnant prefer donor eggs assuming the risk is low with younger eggs. Before you make a final decision, discuss about genetic testing with your healthcare practitioner. In order to have a safe and healthy pregnancy, you may take the following measures, irrespective of your age:. Your health practitioner will give you more information after evaluating your complete health and family history. Remember, the advantages of becoming a parent later in life do not outweigh the benefits of having a baby in your late 20s or early 30s.

However, here are some positive points:. Sometimes, you may have decided to not have children, but want to reverse your decision later in life.


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