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Orion sms otp verification plugin

Want the Housie android app with option to buy ticket with paytm or upi. There isn't any database in the backend to verify from - just recognizing the "security features or landmarks" on the ID and also.

I would like to animation my business logo. The animation The video dimensions are x I need all sources files. No need sound required. We are a lotto company. We use a automatic random number draw machine to determine the winner for prizes. In the logo there is a heart and a ball above it. I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. Text need ready live app. If You can do it for me in a cheap budget then please quote. The android app should be made.

I want to build an online learning platform application for Android and IOS application. The application will be basic of Udemy, the instructor will have profile, he will post the lectures, and will earn from the lectures. The learner will pay to attend the lectures, download the lectures that he attend.

And there will be some features as needed. I need to integrate g2a in my woocommerce store, what doe I want a interface like where i can display my product affiliate link. For reference click the link [login to view URL] I like app like this. I need you to design and build it. I need an expert to build a dating app for me. Both android and iOS. I want someone to build a mobile apps with this template. I need IOS and Android. You can use any cloud server. APIs we can use the available api.

Please bid. I will provide you reference game link. Thank you, Shawn. We are looking for talented and creative individual to assist us in creating next generation on-demand booking for pet service such as pet-ride, boarding, groomimg, day-care, pet-sitter, pet walking, pet training, etc. Features would be similar like Grab or Gojek.

orion sms otp verification plugin

I hope you are doing weel. I need an android app compatible with Android P that can save the images from both rear cameras of my device xiaomi 8 lite. More details will be discussed on chat.

Top WordPress Plugins to send SMS using MSG91

No indians please.It lets your user login on to your website simply with their mobile number. No more password or email required.

Plugin Demo - Twilio WordPress Plugin -Orion OTP - Mobile Verification

Step 1. Check if your Plugin is activated. Step 2. Deactivate all plugins and reactivate orion-login-with-sms. Step 3. The following people have contributed to this plugin. View support forum.

Skip to content WordPress. Description It lets your user login on to your website simply with their mobile number. User can receive the verification code on the registered mobile number. If he verifies the code correctly then he will be logged in and directed to home page. Plugin loads font-awesome open source, gpl friendly from cdn for admin dashboard settings. However when offline everything should work as expected, except the icons would show when you are back online.

FAQ Its not working. Thanks for your support. Awesome plugins. They will support you from start to finish, they are best in their work. The apps provided by them are awesome and user friendly.

These guys even helped me via facebook chat and went above and beyond. Awesome plugin. Turns out adding 0 as first digit wasn't working but he fixed it for me in the backend easy! Contributors Imran Sayed Smit Patadiya. Interested in development? Meta Version: 1. Ratings See all. Log in to submit a review. Support Issues resolved in last two months: 3 out of 3 View support forum.This plugin checks the existence of the Mobile Number and the ability of a user to access that Mobile Number.

OTP verification combines a user login—including a Password—with physical access to a smartphone or landline telephone to verify authorized access to an Account. A user can begin to log into a secured service by entering an ID and password, but then must receive a one-time code OTC or one-time password OTP via SMS texting or a voice telephone call using a phone number associated with the account.

Entering this additional one-time credential constitutes the second step of verification or the second factor of authentication, with the idea that only someone who knows the correct account password and who physically possesses the required object Mobile Phone and the associated Phone Number can gain access to the account. Enable Phone Number as a field or mandatory field during signup process.

Phone number of the user will be verified through OTP, thereby authenticating the user for your website.

Account security is quite important for the overall security of a website. Two factor authentication helps in achieving this security as user will require to enter both Password and OTP to login. OTP verification code can be send to website users in Numeric or Alphanumeric format based on the convenience of the website's admin.

OTP verification can be enabled for specific countries or all the countries based on the requirement of a website. Set a country as default which will be shown to users as pre-selected in signup form. If you have a multilingual website, then it would be logical to send OTP code and the message along with it in the native language of the user.

This will make the connection strong of the website and its users. Set the count for number of login attempts via OTP verification. Once, the user exceeds these attempts, his account will be blocked for the defined period of time. This will block the unauthorised login attempts.

The users who have linked a registered phone number with their account are listed separately. This will help in managing the details of such users in one place. Compile the text in different languages, which you want to include with OTP verification code to be send to users for various process like: Sign Up, Login, Forget Password etc.

Configure either one to start sending OTP verification code to your website users. Configured SMS service can also be used to send SMS to the website users by admin who have associated a phone number with their accounts. Users can be chosen based on Member Level, Profile Type or a particular user. Choose the countries for which you want to enable OTP verification on your site.

You can also set a default country which will be shown as pre-selected to site users. Option to send OTP verification message to users in their native language. Languages which are already configured and enabled on your site. Option to make Phone Number field mandatory in sign up process. You can also enable single or separate fields for Email Address and Phone Number in sign up form.

Manage users who have associated Phone Number with their account. They are listed separately from other users. Send SMS to all or selected users, as per the requirement, who have associated Phone Number with their account. Set the template, in the various languages enabled on your site, to be sent in SMS with the OTP code for various process:. Skip to main content. Features FAQ. Two Factor Authentication Account security is quite important for the overall security of a website.

OTP for Specific Countries OTP verification can be enabled for specific countries or all the countries based on the requirement of a website. OTP in Native Languages If you have a multilingual website, then it would be logical to send OTP code and the message along with it in the native language of the user.

Manage Users The users who have linked a registered phone number with their account are listed separately. Manage Users Manage users who have associated Phone Number with their account.Imran is a WordPress Developer at rtCamp.

Apart from this, Imran has a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge which led him to start his YouTube channel inwhere he teaches Programming on WordPress, React and Laravel. YouTube ImranSayedDev. Imran have been fortunate to receive an extremely nurturing environment from the WordPress community. Speaking at WordCamps and MeetsUps is his way of giving back to the community. Committed [ ] to Plugins Trac: Update compatibility to latest version. Created a topic, Awesome Pluginon the site WordPress.

Highly recommended! Confirmed as a speaker for WordCamp Ahmedabad Confirmed as a speaker for WordCamp Asia Committed [ ] to Plugins Trac: Update the readme. Committed [ ] to Plugins Trac: Add new file. Confirmed as a speaker for WordCamp Mumbai Confirmed as a speaker for WordCamp Vadodara Committed [ ] to Plugins Trac: Test and update version.

Committed [ ] to Plugins Trac: Tested and updated version. Committed [ ] to Plugins Trac: Update text domain. Committed [ ] to Plugins Trac: Update Readme. Committed [ ] to Plugins Trac: Add banner high resolution image and update readme. Confirmed as a speaker for WordCamp Pune Posted a reply to Literally unable to click on anythingon the site WordPress.

The idea to keep the videos on the…. As shown in the tutorial videos,this plugin has been…. Posted a reply to Integration with Adforeston the site WordPress. Posted a reply to wocommerce support? Thank you for your appreciation.WordPress has become a powerful medium for businesses to make their online presence. These plugins have leveraged the customers with the power of communication where they can send updates, secure accounts and regularly keep in touch with their users.

WordPress SMS plugin, has helped them ensure seamless operations and better rapport with their users, resulting in better business. Here are the plugins which would give you the leverage of communication by sending SMS via robust and secured network of MSG It is a light-weight WordPress notification plugin which enables the user with a WooCommerce addon.

With this, the buyer and the admin would get notifications for the order updates and status such as payment completion, order delivery or cancellation via SMS. Get this plugin. Using this plugin user cannot submit the form without verifying the mobile number. It has also been tested with WordPress default theme along with the top WordPress Form plugins with their versions available at the time of release and works successfully with:. You can check Premium Plugin at www.

Orion WooCommerce Settings Page. Get this plugin here. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks for sharing this amazing article. I would like to add up an information that I have found a great plugin at MakeWebBetter. Technology Awareness WordPress.

Garima Tiwari. Send updates upon payment completion via SMS. Send SMS updating the order processing, upon cancellation, order delivery, and failure in delivery to both the admin and buyer. SMS could be customized by putting order price, order ID, order currency, site name etc. Send SMS automatically to the users and admins.

Ensure security with 2FA verification two-factor authentication. Login with your mobile number in case you forget the password. Send SMS to owners admins upon receiving new orders. Notifies if the delivery contact number is different from billing contact number. Send customizable SMS with a large number of variables available for personalization.

Add customized variables. Send timed SMS for on-hold orders. Upon setup it is fully automated. View all posts. You may also like.Digits let your user signup on your WordPress website simply with passcode SMS sent on their mobile phone number. No more checking emails and remembering passwords. Just SMS. All users accounts are created as WordPress users, and their data is saved in your own database. No More Emails. No More Passwords. What is OTP? Your Data. The Ultimate Package.

Free Unlimited SMS. Free International SMS. Even our free SMS can be sent to your usesr all around the World. Robust, Instant, Secure.

Orion SMS OTP Verification Plugin

Our servers use bit encryption to get the features working and the pllugin is built on strict WordPress guidelines. Free Lifetime Updates. Digits comes with free updates for life, with new features added frequently.

Profile A line styled icon from Orion Icon Library. Works with Old Users. No Coding Required. The plugin is very easy to setup, our extensive documentation makes it even more easy.

White Lable. Developer Friendly. Its easy to integrate digits data or features to something else. View All Features. View All Gateways. Custom Gateway. Easily add custom gateway with their parameters directly. Get it for your WordPress website.

orion sms otp verification plugin

Download Now.The plugin ships with 10 free email and 10 free SMS transactions. Contact us at otpsupport xecurify. This is a separate add-on to the existing plugin which allows your site to send automated order and WooCommerce notifications to buyers, sellers and admins. Buyer and seller both can get SMS notification after an order is placed or when the order status changes. SMS notification options can be customized in the admin panel very easily.

orion sms otp verification plugin

Passwordless Login is a modern way of logging into your WordPress site without the use of a password. The plugin allows you to easily setup Passwordless Login for your site. Users would now be able to log in using their Username and OTP.

Articles & Tutorials

If you wish to allow our users to fallback to Username and Password then the plugin allows that as well. This is a separate add-on to the existing plugin which allows your site to send automated Ultimate Member notifications to admins and users. This is a separate add-on to the existing plugin which replaces the existing Ultimate Member Password reset functionality with OTP Verification. Allow users to reset their password using OTP Verification instead of email links.

Customized solutions and Support options are available. Email us at otpsupport xecurify. Our very simple and easy registration saves your time of configuring WordPress email settings. To get support for custom forms or a plugin designed form, please email us at otpsupport xecurify. Please email us at otpsupport xecurify.

The following people have contributed to this plugin. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Arabic and English US. Translate into your language. View support forum.

Donate to this plugin. Skip to content WordPress. Once the OTP is entered, it is verified and the user gets registered.


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