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Open forests

Learn how maps, charts, and tables provide an intuitive access to the value of your forestry data. Explore projects with an interactive storytelling tool and start to tell your own project story. We process and analyze your drone imagery and offer drone operator training. High-resolution and cloud-free imagery are efficiently used to create terrain, road network, slope steepness, forest cover and forest health maps. It allows us to present the reserve to our donors in an interactive way, and to raise funds for its expansion.

The interactive map is our major storytelling tool, providing our stakeholders deep insight into our tree planting project in Indonesia. We have reached an unprecedented level of transparency, as we publish our entire monitoring data on the map, from tree measurements to plot boundaries and drone imagery for hundreds of planting areas. The imagery provided by OpenForests is far superior to satellite imagery and has given us a fine-grained understanding of land use trends in the areas where we work.

The Project Explorer web-map has proved to be an invaluable tool for communicating our work to donors, the public, and most importantly the communities we work with.

We now run all of our strategic communications through Project Explorer including Social Media posts, project stories, media content, maps, and project documents. We empower people to make better forest projects. The professional online platform to steer your forest operations with your entire team. Demo video. Show what is happening in your project and share the latest stories with your stakeholders.

High-resolution drone imagery for timely information about impacts and forest dynamics. We procure and analyze satellite images to create forest maps that assist farsighted management decisions. Base Map Topography Slope steepness Forest degradation.

Work examples. The explorer. Land cover analysis for bamboo detection, Ethiopia. Automated tree detection for forest inventories, Plantation, Bulgaria. What our clients say. Selected clients. Are you interested in learning how to update your Forest Information Management? We are looking forward to speaking with you. Please accept the use of cookies for an improved user experience. Ok No Read more.He combines his passion for forests with his deep interest in technical tools like geodatabases and the web.

As a forest investment expert and a manager of several sustainable reforestation projects in Latin America and South East Asia, Alexander has a broad experience in implementing and promoting international forestry projects. We seek to find ways to use forests in an ecological and socially sustainable way while developing a close connection with nature.

Patrick is an expert in drone imagery and image processing for forest and landscape projects. His experience of working in different countries and the ability to speak five languages fluently complement his outstanding technical skills. Patrick holds a Ph. Chaitanya supports OpenForests in baselining the micro- and agroforestry sector globally.

Through his market study, he helps OpenForests develop new business and project models. He engages with NGOs, private companies, think tanks and government bodies, thereby helping in the development of technology solutions to suit both global and local needs. Chaitanya holds a masters in sustainable resource management from the Technical University of Munich in Germany and a bachelor in instrumentation engineering from the Visvesvaraya Technological University in India.

Many years ago, Sebastian started his career as a chef and later graduated in psychology. In recent years, he transferred his passion from recipes to technological ingredients for software development.

Today, Sebastian has an excellent track-record and outstanding skills in developing and managing comprehensive web-development projects, which include backend development for SaaS platforms. Felix is a full-stack software developer and UX-designer. His passion lies in finding the simplest and elegant solution to difficult problems.

In a creative process, he is discovering the ideal trail to leading application users to their information destiny. Felix loves to spend his spare time hiking and doing nature photography.

Starting with a degree in software engineering, Gerrit expanded his knowledge motivated by his passion for nature. He got deeply involved in forest management processes and modeled such processes inside of various forest software applications.

The rare combination of domain knowledge and specialization in software application development with state-of-the-art technologies make him a member of our team we do not want to miss. As an ambitious learner in various fields like sustainable development, project management, and information technologies, Jens gained experience at different stages of his working career.

His studies in mathematics, education, and languages always support his path and interests in sustainability-projects and computer science. Aynur adds to the diversity within OpenForests by bringing in her international and multidisciplinary experience. With expertise in development cooperation and forest governance, she helps in aligning our work with global efforts on decoupling forest destruction from economic growth. Aynur is a Ph. We need to be aware of how our everyday consumption choices in one part of the world, impact forests and local livelihoods in the other.

Forests are a heritage of all humankind and everyone should take the responsibility to protect them. Michael is a professional forester with over 16 years of experience in tropical forest management in Southeast Asia. He is the founder of Climate Forestrya specialist forest management organisation with programmes of work to support operational forest management, forest certification and legality compliance, and international climate policy and project activities to mitigate anthropogenic climate change.

Such activities can reduce disturbance to the forest, which encourages post-harvest regeneration and avoids carbon from entering the atmosphere, to function as an adaptation approach to climate change. Andreas has profound knowledge in the field of biodiversity research in theoretical and applied as well as methodological aspects. Furthermore, he is an expert of optical remote sensing especially in the field of classification and information extraction.We want to give you an overview of who we are, and what vision and mission we are standing for.

For those interested in more background about our inspiration, vision, and work you can read the interview with Alexander Watson. Today we are a team of 11 persons and have built a strong network of supporting organizations and consultants with complementary skill sets. Our focus lays on developing integrated information management systems for forestry, agroforestry and conservation projects. We support organizations to acquire satellite- drone- and field data and assist with remote sensing and data analysis tasks, provide web-based forest information management software, and run a project presentation and communication platform.

open forests

Our work is embedded in our deep belief that forests are key to a future worth living in and that we have to find ways to use forests in an ecological and socially sustainable way while developing a close connection with nature. We envision forest landscapes in which people, families and small to medium organizations are connected with their land while having a sustainable income now and for generations to come. Instead of making natural resources based projects competing for short-term returns, we want to foster a market differentiation based on values such as sustainability, transparency, and trust.

Ultimately, we want our work to lead towards a cultural mind-shift, that acknowledges the integrity and intrinsic value of biodiverse and healthy forest landscapes. OpenForests is our vehicle to pursue this vision, a vision that we share with our clients. With them, we want to form a movement of passionate and daring pioneers, that believe that another forestry is possible. We dedicate our work to enable sustainable landscape projects to thrive. We do this, by delivering tools and services for better and transparent information management, improvement of marketing and fundraising capacities, facilitating access to local and international forest product markets, and by creating a supportive and strong community that is sharing knowledge and inspiration about innovative and visionary forest landscape projects.

About It's all about sustainable forestry. Thanks for your interest in the work of OpenForests! Vision Our work is embedded in our deep belief that forests are key to a future worth living in and that we have to find ways to use forests in an ecological and socially sustainable way while developing a close connection with nature. Mission We dedicate our work to enable sustainable landscape projects to thrive.

Please accept the use of cookies for an improved user experience. Ok No Read more.The trees are usually of forest form with flat crowns and boles usually of greater height than crown depth. This type of forest is found in the wetter parts of the Kimberleysacross the northern part of the Northern Territory and in the coastal and highland regions of Cape Yorksouth through New South Wales and across the southern half of Victoria.

In the southwestern corner of Western Australia it is common and on the highland slopes, up to about m of much of Tasmania. Open forests cover a wide geographic range from the tropics to the temperate regions, and over this range there is a great variation in height of complexity. Eucalypts often more the 60 m tall. Found in the wetter parts of Victoria and Tasmania and in favourable habitats in western New South Wales and southeastern Queensland.

Slightly lower forests of this type are found in the southwest of Western Australia. Self-thinning and branch pruning, when branches drop when tall trees sway against other trees. Enough light penetrates the canopy to allow a dense understorey of tall shrubs or small trees, such as Pomaderrisand Olearia to develop. Tree-ferns are also common in the understorey. A ground flora of grass, ground ferns and herbaceous plants also occur. Many of the eucalypt dominants are fire-sensitive, so fires can result in widespread destruction of mature forests.

Soon after the fire, seeds germinate to produce dense regeneration which is thinned gradually and a mature forest stage can be reached in years. Stands of Mountain Ash E, Regnans more than years old have been found in Tasmania, but the tall open forest rarely survives to this age.

Occasionally a second fire will destroy the regenerated trees before they reach reproductive age, the result is a forest lacking the dominant tree stratum. Open Forest Trees m tall - equivalent to dry sclerophyll forest. Includes grassy, shrubby, and layered open forest. In Australia, much of the forests have a tree height of m. In some areas of favourable conditions the same Eucalyptus species and understorey components may form tall open forests.

Usually the dominant tree species are different and the makeup of the understorey is different, associated with the decrease in tree height. Two extreme understoreys may develop in open forest south of the Tropic of Capricorn. One is characteristic of the widespread very infertile soils in the area. It contains a dense assemblage of xeromorphic shrubs to 2 m tall and a ground layer that is poorly developed. The other, found on more fertile soils, is mostly herbaceous, grasses, sedges and herbs with a poorly-developed shrub layer that may be absent.

Between areas of these extremes there are many places of intermediate soil type where the vegetation can be a mixture of the 2 extreme types. Marked changes in their understoreys have been caused by frequent fires. Grassy Open Forest Shrubs rare or scattered, well-developed understory. These are mostly confined to the infertile sandy soils found on the coastal plain and between Stanthorpe and Armidale on the granite belt.

Repeating burning has produced many leguminous shrubs, e. In Queensland, many open forests look like grassy open forests soon after a fire, but as the shrubby species grow in the understorey they become layered open forests.

Layered Open Forest An open forest with at least 2 substrata, shrub and herbaceous equally important. These occur across the monsoonal northern parts of Australia. There is a prominent ground cover of tropical grasses and herbs, often almost a metre tall. Scattered shrubs and small trees are prominent in the understorey.Every forest landscape project is unique and therefore requires a Forest Information System that cares for its specific information demands.

With the modular framework approach, the ForestManager software can be efficiently customized. The ForestManager is a web-based and customizable software application. Its simple user interface is accessible from every web browser. The central geodatabase allows storing of maps, inventory data, management measures and budget plannings. Interactive charts are simple tools to analyze aggregated forestry data. Analyse forest inventory data and its plausibility with the help of high-resolution aerial imagery.

International teams can translate every field label into the required language. Watch a short demo and use case of the ForestManager software framework.

Forest Manager. Customized Forest Information Systems. Design of the data model Together, we design a robust data model that covers the business logic of your project. Customization of the ForestManager The modular software framework is adapted to the information requirements.

Import of existing forestry data We support the migration of existing forest information into the new application. Connect with your forest.

Modules and features. Filter and edit information directly within tables. Tree Species Map. Select the data and background layer to analyze management units. Inventory Map. User Roles. Decide who can see and edit the data. Data Export. Export data as an Excel file for additional analysis.

We are looking forward to speaking with you. Land cover analysis for bamboo detection, Ethiopia Consultancy, Satellite Mapper. Please accept the use of cookies for an improved user experience. Ok No Read more.UK and Ireland Horse RacingHorseracing data licensed from the British Horseracing Board Limited. If no official SP is returned, if no price is taken, then all bets will be settled at the last Industry show passed. If no Industry show is given then bets will be settled on the last available bet365 price.

If on the day of a race the surface is altered (e. Turf to All Weather or vice versa), then bets will stand. AntePostAntePost wagers are accepted on the basis all-in run or not, entered or not. Except where specifically stated otherwise, stakes are lost on an AntePost bet if a selection does not take part and no Rule 4 (Deductions) is made from winning AntePost bets. When the same horse is taken to win two or more races in AntePost doubles, trebles and accumulators special reduced odds will be offered.

On days when classic or other trials occur, AntePost betting may be suspended and new prices issued. Jockey Club Rule 121 decrees that Stewards are empowered to reduce the numbers in a race if, at the overnight declaration stage, too many have been left in for the safety of horses and jockeys.

AntePost bets on horses compulsorily withdrawn will be void and stakes returned. Bookmakers in these circumstances are authorised to make appropriate deductions from winning bets on the race, depending on the price(s) of the withdrawn horse(s) at the time of withdrawal in accordance with Rule 4 (Deductions). On the 'Day of the Race Prices' Rule 4 (Deductions) will also apply.

AntePost bets are settled at the Price and Place terms applicable at the time of acceptance. Should a wager struck at a price on the day of an event couple selection(s) in that event with selection(s) in future event(s) then if the first selection(s) does not run the wager will be executed on the remaining selection(s) on the basis of all-in, run or not.

Postponed RacesIf a race is postponed to another day and final declarations stand then bets stand. However, single bets on horse racing will be made void and any selection involved in accumulative bets will be treated as a non-runner if:Each-Way BettingBets are settled to win unless Each-way is selected.

An Each-way bet is a bet of twice the selected unit stake. It contains one bet of unit stake on the selection to Win and one bet of unit stake on the selection to be Placed according to the terms advertised for the event. In general, for UK horse racing the Place part of Each-way bets will be settled as per the following Place terms:In all races the number of runners shall be the number of runners coming under starters orders.

Bets will not be accepted where the Place stake exceeds the Win stake. Each-way doubles, trebles and accumulators will be settled Win to Win and Place to Place in accordance with the above.

open forests

Dead-HeatsWhere two selections dead-heat half the stake money is lost and the full odds are paid to the other half. If more than two dead-heat the stake is proportioned accordingly. FavouritesWagers will be accepted win only at starting price for 1st and 2nd favourites.

The Place part of any wager inadvertently accepted for unnamed favourites will be settled as a Win stake.

open forests

In the event of two selections starting joint favourites then stakes are divided equally. Where three or more selections start co-favourites stakes will be divided proportionately. However, if such joint favourites or co-favourites are returned at a price whereby, irrespective of result, no profit could be accrued by the backer of the favourite, the unnamed favourite will be treated as a non-runner, in both single and accumulative bets. Should the favourite be withdrawn before coming under starter's orders but too late for a new market to be formed then bets on the favourite in that particular race are void.

In the event a joint or co-favourite being withdrawn then the proportion of stakes on that selection will be void and the remaining proportion of stakes will be divided equally on the selections that do run.

Forecast BettingForecasts are accepted for all races of 3 or more actual runners and will be settled as a straight forecast (selections to finish 1st and 2nd in correct order) in accordance with the computer straight forecast dividend.

If there are less than 3 actually running in a race then all forecasts for that race will be void. In the event of no straight forecast dividend being declared then forecasts will be settled in accordance with the NSL straight forecast chart provided that 3 or more actually run in that race.

open forests

You may take early prices or show prices in straight forecasts when available, in a fixed price forecast. Where a client selects combination forecasts A B C and stakes for 6 bets this will be settled as 6 straight forecasts as follows:Should any forecast contain a non-runner then the total stake will be placed to Win on the other selection. In fixed price forecasts the remaining selection will be settled at SP. In races where a horse finishes alone and no forecast dividend is returned then all forecast bets nominating that horse to finish first will be settled as a Win single at SP on the winning horse.

All other forecast bets in the race are lost.New brushless saws, a grinder, and heavy duty impacts are coming soon. Other brands are pushing the brushless envelope further, such as Makita with their automatic down-shifting impact driver. Expect to see new brushless drills and drivers from other brands this Fall.

With their premium cordless drill and hammer drill, the emphasis seems to be more on power and the 3-speed gearbox. Current 20V Max premium drill users who want more runtime are probably more likely to upgrade to a higher capacity battery than to upgrade their still-relatively-new tools. I would even bet that prototypes have been developed and are currently being tested. Although, they probably already are losing market share to Milwaukee. A while back I posted about how Dewalt and other brands were slinging mud against each other through YouTube videos.

They have to be.


Brushless is too big of an influential marketing keyword for brands to ignore. Milwaukee pushed the boundary, and Dewalt and other brands will have to respond accordingly. Otherwise their brushed-motor cordless tools will look stale and outdated to users accustomed to be seeing heavy marketing that lauds the benefit of brushless motors.

For instance, Dewalt has been advertising their compact brushless drills as EXTREME RUNTIME!.

The ForestManager-Service

I have discussed this before, but there will always be better tools on the horizon. They could be improved in regard to size, weight and runtime, which are all aspects where a brushless motor upgrade might be able to help. There could be challenges in improving runtime, as well as reducing tool size and weight, without diminishing peak power output.

Cost is another potential issue. My only qualm is battery life, and the 4. Jason saysAug 9, 2013 at 5:19 pmDewalt should have pushed the changer over from stem-pack to slide packs sooner it should have been 2-3 years before the actual 20v line release.

I really think they should have made stem pack to slide pack adapters. Jason saysAug 9, 2013 at 5:07 pmI think it might be awhile before we see an update on the premium drill.

The market has been pushing for lighter tools with better run time. I had that Dewalt Premium drill for awhile before I jumped on the Fuel bandwagon that drill is just so big and heavy.

I think we might even see Milwaukee release a compact Fuel drill like the Dewalt brushless that is out now if you look at the Dewalt compact brushless drill and Fuel drill side by side the Dewalt looks tiny next to it and its a good pound lighter than the M18 fuel.


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