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Honkai impact 3 shop guide

The game features fluid gameplay and stunning hand-drawn art. Do not make the mistake of thinking it is anything like other games from the genre, though. Honkai Impact 3rd is not some auto-play grinder filled with fan service and flashy lights.

honkai impact 3 shop guide

Its unique combat system keeps players on their toes. Utilize evasive maneuvers with combos in order to fight effectively. On top of that, there are hundreds of weapons and stigmata available for you to equip. You will need to put together the right combination of Valkyries and equipment if you want to succeed. As we mentioned above, Honkai Impact 3rd is different from others in the genre because it is not rigged with an auto-play system that leaves players with nothing to do but watch.

On one hand, that means more work for you. On the other hand, it is great because you actually play the game. The battle system mostly involves executing combos by mashing the large attack button. Doing this will charge up your ultimate move. Once fully charged, you can unleash a powerful attack. While you are free to use your ultimate at any point when it is charged, it is best if you save it until you encounter a boss.

One of the unique things about Honkai Impact 3rd is the ability to evade. While it is certainly not a new concept, evasion in this game works a little differently. You will need to wait for the right moment in order to evade. Wait until you see a faint flash on the screen, then press the evade button to dodge the incoming attack. Executing this successfully will allow you to quickly follow up with a counter attack. If you are not confident, you always have the option to run away from the enemy to avoid the attack.

You will be able to collect a variety of equipment as you progress in the game. The different gears are rated from one to five stars.

The higher the rating, the higher the rarity of the equipment. Make sure you hold on to the rare equipment. You should also take time to upgrade and level up the rare gear that you have equipped.

This will increase your combat power even more. You should also save some of your learning chips so you can use them for leveling up your characters. Before you can upgrade your weapon, you will need specific materials. Upgrading improves the stats and rarity of a weapon.

Keep in mind, though, that the more you upgrade a weapon, the more materials you will need the next time around. If you are short on materials, you can easily farm for more by tapping on the material. Doing this will show you a list of stages where you can hunt for the needed materials.

Since you have a team of beautiful Valkyries, it is understandable that you would want to play dress up with them. Just make sure, however, that you still prioritize function over fashion.

Always equip your Valkyrie with battle clothes since these provide defensive stats. Casual clothes are useless in battle, so use them only when you want to play around. Both casual and battle clothes can be acquired from events, clothing coupons, and by spending real money.

Seele - Honkai Impact 3rd Animation

If you opt for the events and coupons, on the other hand, it will take you a bit longer to expand your wardrobe.The first 5 minutes you spend in Honkai Impact 3 rd might give you the impression that this is a simple real-time combat game with cute Valkyries and a tempting Gacha system.

Yet perhaps the most important thing you must learn in order to become a successful captain is to carefully plan out your use of currencies and resources. Instead, it will try to get you to spend them as soon as they land in your inventory. All upgrades require Gold, from levelling up your Valkyries to improving their gear and enhancing Stigmatas. The better your characters become, the more expensive their upgrades.

Once your reserves begin to dwindle, focus exclusively on upgrades that are absolutely necessary. Before you get your first S Valkyrie, you can spend most of your Crystals in Standard pulls, where the first 30 draws are guaranteed to land you one. Once this is accomplished, however, the Standard pull becomes one of the worst ways to spend your hard-earned Crystals.

You can accrue more Crystals in a number of different ways. The two most significant ones are by clearing new campaign levels at 15 Crystals each and by successfully taking part in some of the weekly events like Dirac Sea, Path of Apotheosis, or Memorial Arena. You might not think it straight away, but Stamina is actually more precious than any other type of currency in this game, especially for F2P players.

To begin with, it determines how much XP you have access to as a Captain. The higher your level, the more activities you can perform on daily basis and the more rewards you can earn for your Valkyries.

Like with Gold, your Stamina reserves will overflow to begin with. Whatever is left you can spend performing Open World tasks for rare upgrade materials and Flame Sakura fragments. Weekday events are next in line for more common upgrade materials and EXP, while campaign progression usually comes in last.

Asterite is a 4-star rare resource that behaves just like another currency. You can get more Asterite from the weekly event Memorial Arena, as well as from participating in Open World Activities. You should always have your core team in mind, as well as the following guidelines. One of the best ways to spend Asterite is to buy A-Rank Valkyries, including Flame Sakura, whose fragments are available in the shop.

At the Foundry, you can use Honkai Pieces to build 3-star items and equipment. However, if you do have many of them lying around, you should drop by the Foundry and see if any of them can be put to good use for your Valkyries. Some upgrade materials that are 4-stars and higher are extremely rare and very difficult to farm. Though it might seem like a lot, this is just the beginning. In addition to the currencies and resources mentioned here, there are a ton of additional materials that you will discover once you hit Captain level 50 and above.

Yet there is one thing that will help you farm more efficiently regardless of the resource in question and that is playing Honkai Impact 3 rd on your PC with BlueStacks! BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. You must have Windows 7 or higher. Windows 10 is recommended. Stamina You might not think it straight away, but Stamina is actually more precious than any other type of currency in this game, especially for F2P players. Asterite Asterite is a 4-star rare resource that behaves just like another currency.

Rare Upgrade Materials Some upgrade materials that are 4-stars and higher are extremely rare and very difficult to farm. Download BlueStacks Now. Feb 27, read more.

Combat Tactics for Honkai Impact 3rd Feb 27, read more.If you are struggling in Honkai Impact 3 game and you don't know how to play the game you are in the right place. In this guide you will find all the information you need about Honkai Impact 3, from beginner to advanced. You will using this guide master all this game. Confused about certain valkyrie battlesuits? Wanna know more about your favorite valkyrie?

Look no further! Equipment can be really important, you know! Want to know more about your own equipment or which equipment works best for your favorite valkyrie? Make sure to read these! Not sure which valkyries work well together? Wanna make a team entirely of Bronyas?! These might help you! Trying to figure out what kind of Armada to join? Don't know what an Armada is or how it works? All you need to know, right here!

Don't know what to prioritize first on the Hyperion base, Captain? Trying to figure out how you can maximize base benefits? Make sure to read these guides! Bronya and Wendy can really pack a punch! But with these guides, you'll be able to handle them in no time, Captain. Description: Join the fastest growing Pop Punk community.

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Guide for Honkai impact 3

Pop Punk Amino is a community made by fans for fans. Description: What would you do to survive in an apocalyptic world where your school friends got turned into zombies? How far can you go to save your loved ones? Plan your escape route and shoot your way out of swarm of zombies. The apocalypse is already upon us. The source is emitting an enormous am We are working on an update that fix this issue.This is no idle-RPG game where early mistakes can be fixed in a matter of minutes.

Just make sure you read them before you finish the first chapter aka, the tutorial. If you complete every challenge on every mission during a Chapter, you can earn as many as premium Crystals. However, you need 2, of these to summon 10 supply crates and take advantage of the better S Valkyrie drop rates. Once this happens, you might get a good S Valkyrie or you might now.

You might not get an S Valkyrie at all, which would certainly be a pain in the backside. We recommend you consult the list before your first pull to have a better idea of what is worth keeping and what you should discard. First off, there is almost never a reason to spend premium Crystals in the shop. It might be tempting to spend Crystals on character fragments for a Valkyrie you like, but it is always a better deal to use Energy in the level that has the chance to drop said fragments.

The exchange rate is simply that bad! As an F2P player, you have to pay extra attention to how you spend your hard-earned currencies and that includes your Gacha pulls. You should only use tickets to pull supply crates, even if you have to do it one pull at a time.

Once every 10 pulls, you are guaranteed an A Valkyrie at the very least.

Honkai Impact 3rd on PC: Tips and Tricks for Active F2P Players

There is no reason whatsoever to hoard Stamina in Hokai Impact 3 rd. This resource is your main limitation in the game because it determines how many missions you can do and how far you can upgrade your core Valkyries without investing real money. You can keep these in your inventory for as long as you want and only pop them when you need them.

It therefore makes no sense to sacrifice your Stamina regen in order to stack more than the maximum limit. Your Stamina reserves will grow very slowly as you gain more Captain levels. If you have enough time to check on the game, make sure that your Stamina reserves are never full. Spend it to farm your Valkyries, obtain gear and materials, or even in the Open World.

The important thing is to keep your Stamina below cap at all times. How you choose to spend it is entirely up to you. As a pro tip, weekday events are likely the most worthwhile way to use Stamina. These will give you gold, materials, and other noteworthy resourcesas well as some Crystals for the first time you complete them.

Overall, a great deal for your Stamina. Valkyries are gorgeous and badass.Valkyrie Gloria VG. She also comes with the introduction of a new Lance weapon type, with new Throw mechanic. She comes with her own special Resolve meter, maxing at 2 Bars.

Skill Set. Passive Skills. Therefore, her recommended equipments are as follows:. Thought - Her Signature Weapon. Fits her playstyle perfectly. Thought - Very competent alternative.

Every piece is good on her.

honkai impact 3 shop guide

Set Effects are also great. Two enemies that VG can not Throws at all. I would love to post some videos but Honkai Impact 3 on Android doesn't allow recording Internal Audio yet so I will skip it for now. I'm sure other Captains will make great video guides and examples out there. That will be all for today.

If you found this guide helpful and want to thank me or have any question, I usually lurking at Lounge 13 Discord Server. You will be able to find me there. And don't forget to keep spreading the Honkai! Author:Hope Submission Date Views Note Numbers in Blue are at max skills level. They also have the ability to unleash the counterstrike Throw with no cooldown restriction when the weapon skill button flashes. Triggering Throw Counter recover Resolve.Account Options Sign in.

Top charts.

Honkai Impact 3rd – Best Weapons And Stigmata For Characters

New releases. Add to Wishlist. As the Captain of the Hyperion, you must lead these girls into battle against zombies and Honkai beasts in various locales around the world. Join the Valkyries and fight for all that is beautiful in the world! She is the leader of Immortal Blades. She has forged herself into an unassailable weapon through countless victories.

Durandal's first-ever battlesuit [Valkyrie Gloria] dispatched! Her unstoppable lance shall carve our path to victory as she becomes one with glory! The girls who have overcome long-suffering are on the brink of adulthood, yet they have not ceased fighting for the beautiful world they love. Explore the ruins of St. Fontein, the "City of Rebirth", with new friends to discover game-changing secrets! World Serpent has reveal its fangs and Schicksal has aimed its lance.

A devastating sandstorm will soon engulf Kiana, who has become the eye of the storm Story Chapter XV released! The fantastic realm hidden in microscopes is the home to Lord of Dierkens.

New stigma set [Leeuwenhoek] has joined the Arsenal! Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Privacy Policy. See more. Yokai Tamer. Azur Lane. Yostar Limited. An ideal Naval Warfare game like you always imagined! Witch Weapon. Leiting Games. Verex launches into battle! Crossing Void - Global.From Honkai Impact 1 to 3, this game has completed its own transformation from the STG game to the three-dimensional visual feast.

This is like giving your eyes a spa through these delicate and adorable female warriors and putting you on a rollercoaster by experiencing the game itself.

Today, we are here to teach you to play Honkai Impact 3 on PC so that you can feel the excitement on a bigger screen. Twice the screen, twice the enthusiasm! However, its latest virtual keyboard function has made the software itself a whole-new Honkai Impact 3 emulator. Simply by mirroring the phone screen on PC and opening the virtual keyboard, you can operate the game on computer easily and freely. This is a professional emulator. It allows Android games to run on PC, thus, it could be another good choice for you to play Mihoyo Honkai Impact on your computer.

In order to operate your favorite warriors on PC, just follow these instructions:. For any inquiries, just drop your comment below and discuss with us! Download and install ApowerMirror. Download Launch ApowerMirror. Once connected, the phone screen will show up on the PC. Then open the virtual keyboard. Players can make their own settings according to personal preferences. MEmu This is a professional emulator. Launch MEmu and search for Honkai Impact 3rd. As the buttons shown below, use each button to set your own key positions.

Honkai fans can define the buttons based on personal habits. Here we show you one of the options. Rating: 4. Last updated on July 27, Leave a Comment 4 Comments.

Please input your name! Please input a valid email address! Please input review content! Submit Cancel Reply. Comment 4. Does it have to be Android to be able to connect with USB?

honkai impact 3 shop guide

Dear Toukata, yes, the keyboard function is for Android users only and it only works under USB connection. And if you have any other questions, please be free to ask. Thank you! I downloaded apowermirror and it connected fine but i dont have the virtual keyboard option??

Dear Kayla, please be noted that virtual keyboard option only can be turned on under USB connection. If you have any further questions, please be free to contact us again. Prev 1. Free Trial Apowersoft Unlimited. Follow us on Facebook.


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